Emijah is an experienced community advocate in the 37th LD. She has decades of proven leadership organizing for quality public schools, equitable health care access, and justice reform.


Elected Leaders Who Support Emijah


King County Councilmember Girmay Zahilay, District 2

“Emijah will be our champion in the state legislature. She has an incredible track record of getting things done, building grassroots movements, connecting people in need to opportunities and resources, and building positive institutions for all of our communities. She has the character, the courage, and the tireless work ethic. I’m proud to endorse her!”


Seattle City Councilmember Tammy Morales, District 2

"I'm endorsing Emijah Smith because the 37th needs a leader who understands the complexity of our district and can get things done. Emijah will bring to Olympia her lifetime of experience in the 37th working on issues of public education, healthcare access, housing for working families. Emijah has been a strong advocate for the changes we need to see at the state level especially for increasing protections and care for victims of domestic violence. I'm eager to see her leadership in the halls of power."


State Senator Rebecca Saldaña, LD 37

"Emijah is from the community and for the community. She has been a touchstone that I have turned to as I have done my best to advocate for racial justice in the State Legislature. We need her wisdom and leadership in Olympia now more than ever."


State Senator Mona Das, LD 47


Renton City Councilmember Kim-Khánh Văn

"Emijah is the best choice for the 37th district.  Her approach brings people together to create real, lasting solutions that advance equity and make life better for all of us. As a legislator, she will continue to put her expertise and compassion to work to expand child care, create housing, advance racial justice and help our kids and communities thrive."


State Representative Tarra Simmons, LD 23

"I deeply admire Emijah's steadfast commitment to standing up for her community. She is a champion of our public schools and young people across South Seattle and Washington State. For decades she's done the hard work of bringing people together to organize for change, and she's the exact person I'd be honored to serve with in Olympia."


State Representative Jamila Taylor, LD 30


State Representative Jesse Johnson, LD 30

“Emijah Smith is the community driven leader that we need in this moment of racial reckoning and call for action in government. Whether it be educational, economic or juvenile justice related issues, Emijah has a proven track record of service in the community. The answers are in the community and Emijah is the trusted community voice we need.”


Seattle Port Commissioner Hamdi Mohamed


Community Leaders Who Support Emijah


Civil Rights Leader and Former King County Councilmember, Larry Gossett

"I am proud to support and endorse Emijah Smith in her candidacy for State Representative for the 37th District. Her commitment to serving the most ethnically diverse legislative district in Washington State is outstanding. As a mother, a grandmother, a community leader, and an advocate for social and economic reform no one will serve our residents better than Emijah. Her rootedness in the 37th District is second to no one's. She was born here, she has organized the entire community around issues that impact us all, she has raised three children here, she is employed here. Who my neighbors, can serve and represent us better? No one but Emijah!"


Family Health Leader Dr. Ben Danielson

"I am honored to lend my strong endorsement to Emijah Smith. In the two decades that I have known Emijah, I have witnessed a consistency of integrity and an unsuppressable strength of spirit that leaves me in admiring awe. Emijah speaks with the voice of the multiple generations that have called Seattle their home. Undaunted by the forces that would seek to silence the voices of our community, Emijah's powerful call for justice cannot be muffled, diverted or countermanded. Emijah has studiously explored our system of governance and has strategically placed herself in key positions to interact across broad constituencies. I know Emijah. I know Emijah as a community leader, mother, colleague and resolute champion for our community. Emijah's path has prepared her for this moment and I am thrilled that she is answering the call to public service. Our community needs her leadership."


37th LD Democrats Sergeant at Arms, Tandy Williams

"Emijah is the 37th. This community has raised her. Now she is raising this community!"


Community Leader Dominique Davis

"I’ve known Emijah since she was a young mother making her way through college. She is unwaveringly determined, community-oriented and upstanding. As a South Seattle native, I’ve seen her doing the work, on the ground with the people, for decades and modeling her advocacy for her children and the youth. She has the lived and professional experience, and the ability to view issues through a racial justice lens, to best represent the people of the 37th LD. I have no doubt in her ability to influence more equitable policy and systems.


Community Leader Gregory Davis

"Emijah is a foundation of strength for people. She is a great candidate because of her joy for policy advocacy. That's what our Southend communities need in Olympia."


Organizations That Support Emijah



"Emijah Smith’s documented track record of advocacy and commitment to racial justice, education and the social and economic growth of the community positions her as a known commodity who will unapologetically serve the best interest of her constituents in the 37th District."