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Meet Emijah

Please call me Emijah, Community Queen. I’m a person who takes care of their community and leaves it better than they found it.

I am a born and raised 37th leader. I’ve worked for decades, tirelessly, to invest in our communities across the District. I think of our futures in not just ourselves now, not just our kids, but at least in the next seven generations. Always asking myself and others, “are our children well?”, if the answer to that isn’t a resounding and relieved “yes” - then we know we still have work to do. 


Emijah (left) at Seward Park with Neighbor (right).


I’m a Black Mother with over a decade of experience in legislative advocacy, a lifetime of community organizing, a Masters of Public Administration, Mercer Middle School PTSA President, and I’m grateful to wake up every day in our home in South Seattle, technically Beacon Hill, a few miles South of where I grew up in the Central District. I’m a first generation college graduate and the granddaughter of Millard and Florene, in whose home I first learned about LGBTQIA+ liberation, homeownership and building intergenerational Black wealth, and the fundamental right of self-determination for every person. I honor my grandparents, my parents, and all those who came before me in this run. 


Emijah (center) with community members in South Seattle.


I am eager to begin this journey to Olympia with you. I hope to bring my decades of experience, local knowledge, and deep commitment to justice and health for everyone to Olympia. This campaign is not mine alone – it’s yours too. I hope you can see yourself reflected and honored in our campaign for State Representative. Please learn more about my policy priorities here and stay up to date on our campaign here. I look forward to earning your vote for State Representative. 





Would you like to get in contact with the campaign? Send a message below or email [email protected] 

Meet Emijah